Retrograde Charitable Toy and Video Game Museum

We aim to bridge the gaps between community and local organizations through our programs: Tools for School, Bare Necessities, Edutainment: Educating Through Play, and a Toy and Game Library.

Retrograde is host to thousands of games, toys, and collectibles. We have over ten PLAYABLE arcade machines with hundreds of games to choose from, 2 pinball machines, and hundreds of board games.

Retrograde has an extensive gallery of retro video games, collectibles, toys, and board games. Exhibits include art from cartoons, video games, and toys, interactive experiences with original retro-hardware, toys, and accessories. A full line up of arcades, with thousands of games to choose from. In an effort to preserve toys, hardware, software, and the nostalgia that they produce, we host a vast collection of rarities, oddities, and collectibles.

We believe in inclusive relationships within our community. We strive to bridge the gaps between our community and local organizations through partnerships, and our own programs. We bring to the table an extraordinarily vast collection of vintage antique toys, video games and pop-culture, all on display for anyone to view. In addition to fostering play within nostalgic ‘edutainment’, we also accept and redistribute donations, such as canned goods, hygienic products, children’s clothing, shoes, diapers, baby supplies, and more. We are host to Tools For School, wherein we collect and redistribute school supplies to children in need. We also partner with other local charities and organizations, such as the Johnson County United Way, Rise, Survival House, Cosplay for Hope, and many others.

Retrograde is owned and operated by Children’s Community Charity’s board members, President Brian Chamberlin, and Vice-President Ryan Edmondson. Children’s Community Charity’s board members also includes CO-VP Jed Rhodes, Treasurer Kieth Allen, Secretary Bob Burleyson, and Board Advisor Matthew Carver.